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How environmentally friendly is Sashman? 2014-11-17T11:21:55+00:00


Our window frames use timber, not plastic or aluminium.

Timber is the most environmentally sustainable material to use in window frame manufacture.  It has a low carbon footprint, and higher natural energy efficiency.

Our motto is: “Repair if possible –replace if necessary!”

Can you copy our windows to detail? 2014-11-17T11:13:27+00:00

We specialise in matching style, and detail, of exisiting windows. We machine our window components, which are expertly prepared using hand selected timbers.

Which timbers do you use? 2017-10-27T14:58:09+00:00

Only the finest timbers suitable will be used for your job. Select grade Victorian Ash (sustainably resourced), Finnish redwood, Accoya™, Lunawood™, and Western Red Cedar are our main materials.

What happened to the old Sashman character? 2017-10-27T14:58:09+00:00

The original Sashman character, created by Kelly Pritchard, was replaced by the new Blue Vapours designed model in 2008

He eventually retired 2014, but his legacy lives on!